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Prof. B. P. Devsarkar

Shri. B. P. Deosarkar, Head, Department of Electronics & Comm. Engg


The department has taken development as a continuous process and assured this through its mission. The department has blend of senior, young and dynamic staff. The department has following laboratories equipped with modern instruments and advanced software.

To cope up with the advanced curriculum of the university, all these laboratories are equipped with special instruments like Wobuloscope, Emulator, OTDR simulation package, Xilinx 6.4, PLDs, TMS 380C50 DSP trainer kits, Klystron & Gunn benefits.


Shri. B. P. Deosarkar

Head, Department of Electronics & Tele. Engineering

Government Polytechnic,
Jalamb Road, Amrut Nagar
Khamgaon - 560074, Maharashtra, India.
07263-256644 /254609
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