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Core Values And Believes

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Core Values and Believes

Core Values
The pursuit of excellence lifelong learning through value based education.
An healthy and orderly learning environment.
Community development and participation.
Fairness, honesty and respect to every individuals of the society.
Transforming local talent to global resources.
Inspiring Believes
Believes the importance of the quality and value based education.
Supports educational initiatives generated by students and faculty members.
Believes the volunteering of every social responsibility activity.

Core Values & Believes for Administrative Staff

Establish and maintain a frame work for organizational decisions to be based on empirical data.
Establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment for the students and staff.
Provide adequate resources that are equitability distributed.
Provide equal education resource opportunity for all the students irrespective of their status.
Regular communication with all the stakeholders.
Enforce accountability for the respective initiatives.
Respect towards leadership and professional ethics.
Coordinate professional development opportunities that are relevant to the campus and also helpful to the students final placement based on job oriented.
Empower employees, students , professional communities and alumni association to make decisions with in established frame work.

Core Values For Teaching And Front Runners Of The Change

Establish a positive environment and relationship.
Provide an inspirational environment.
Work towards success of every student.
Display the cultural proficiency.
Place the priority on the health and education needs of the students.
Motivate the students to learn professionally.
Recognize the unique learning style of each students.
Facilitate interactive learning system.
Establish and maintain positive relation with the students.
Encourage the students to believe innovative careers.

Core Values for the students

Enroll into a course with passion.
Obtain the skills to progress as a 21st century digital learners.
Become a knowledgeable, responsible and caring citizen of the globe.
Demonstrate the respect towards the learning environment of the campus and other co-individuals.
Develop effective interpersonal communication and leadership initiatives.
Participate in proactive learning of the course obtained.
Participate in various Extracurricular and co-curricular(extension activity)activities.

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