Government Polytechnic, Khamgaon

                  Jalamb Road, Khamgaon (Pin : 444303)

                          (DTE CODE : 1009) (MSBTE CODE : 0021)


    Government Polytechnic, Khamgaon  was started in the year 1961 in Buldana district. Institute caters to the aspirations of the people in the region. This Institution is located on Khamgaon - Jalamb link road at a distance of 2.5 Km from Bus Stand & nearly 2 Kms from Railway station. The Institution is spread over a piece of land admeasuring 13 hectares in the premier location of Khamgaon town.




  • M1. Educate and train in rnultidisciplinary programs to develop competencies to serve industrial and societal needs.
  • M2. Endeavor constantly for development of inliastructure and facilities to cope up technological progress.
  • M3. Enhance the skills through industry institute interaction and inculcate leadership qualities, ethical values and environmental awareness in students to transform them into competent human resource.
  • M4. Ensure facilities of employability encourage entrepreneurship and promote lifelong learning.
  • About GPK:

    • Established in 1961.
    • The Institution is spread over a piece of land admeasuring 13 hectares
    • Affiliated to MSBTE, Govt. of India.

    Shri. Uday Samant

  • Shri. Uday Samant,
  • Hon'ble Minister, Higher & Technical Education, (M.S.)

    Mr. Rajiv Jalota

  • Mr. Rajiv Jalota,
  • Additional Chief Secretory, Higher & Technical Department, M.S.Mumbai
  • Dr. Abhay Wagh

  • Dr. Abhay Wagh,
  • Director, Higher & Technical Edu. Department, , M.S.Mumbai

    Dr. D.V.Jadhav

  • Dr. D.V.Jadhav,
  • Jt. Director, Technical Ed. Regional Office, Amravati (M.S.)
  • .
    प्रथम वर्ष पोस्ट एस एस सी पदविका अभियांत्रिकी व थेठ व्दितीय वर्ष पदविका अभियांत्रिकी प्रवेश प्रक्रिया २०२०-२१ सुचना: (Notification) : तंत्रशिक्षण प्रवेश प्रक्रिया २०२०-२१ (Video).... F.E. Diploma Admission 2020-21 Interview of Principal & Chairman (Audio) ... Jingle (Audio) ... शै.व.२०२०-२१ करीता प्रथम वर्ष पोस्ट एस एस सी पदविका अभियांत्रिकी प्रवेशाचे सुधारीत वेळापत्रक... शै.व.२०२०-२१ करीता पद्विका थेठ व्दितीय वर्ष पदविका अभियांत्रिकी प्रवेशाचे सुधारीत वेळापत्रक... Time Table for Post SSC Diploma Admission 2020-21 .... Post SSC Diploma Admission 2020-21...... Post HSC Diploma Admission 2020-21..प्रथम वर्ष पोस्ट एस एस सी पदविका अभियात्रिकी व तंत्रज्ञान अभ्यासक्रम प्रवेश प्रक्रिया २०२०-२१..........
    Scholarship Notification : List of Student Contact with Student Section about Scholarships ... Minority Student merit cum Mins ... Contact with Student Section Mr Pramod Dipak Wagh .... .....
    MSBTE Academic Monitoring Institute Report(0021) A.Y 2019-20.... Academic Monitoring 2019-20 by MSBTE Mumbai (Curriculum Implementation and Assessment Norms (CIAAN)).....शै.व.२०२०-२१ करीता पद्विका अभियांत्रिकी प्रवेशाबाबत - थोडक्यात माहिती..... Direct Second Year Admission 2020-21/Branch Change /Institute Change (Contact List)..Direct Second Year Admission 2020-21/Branch Change /Institute Change(RO Letter : Dt .30/07/2020).......Update letter : Direct Second Year Admission 2020-21/Branch Change /Institute Change
    शै.व.२०२०-२१ करीता पद्विका अभियांत्रिकीचे सुधारीत वेळापत्रक (दि. ११/08/2020)... Quotation required for Annual Maintaance Contract for Printer/Zerox (Dt 15/10/2020)... शै.व.२०२०-२१ करीता प्रथम वषॆ पद्विका अभियांत्रिकी प्रवेशाच्या चौकशीकरीता भ्रमणध्वनी Helpline no. (दि.२९/०७/२०२०)...शै.व.२०२०-२१ प्रवेशासाथी लागणारी आवश्यक प्रमाणपत्रे(DTE Letter Dt 03/07/2020)...Important Announcement : Beware of Fake News being spread through Whatsup,Instgram,Facebook etc....Governing Body.....Director Visit Photo 2019-20.....Instruction for Student about MahaDBT & PTC in Download Section....Steps to guide to check Aadhaar link with Bank Account....Aadhaar seeding process....
    Dr. S.S.Prabhune

    Dr. S.S.Prabhune, Principal, G.P.Khamgaon

    Principal's Message:

           The Journey of thousand miles starts with a Small step!

  •      It is an honor and a thing of pride to be a part of an institute which has long legacy of success. Government polytechnic khamgaon basically, caters to the needs of rural area in and around Buldana district. It is very much complimented by Community polytechnic to serve the purpose of technical education of all strata of society. Government Polytechnic Khamgaon was founded in 1961. It started with three core branches viz. Civil Engg., Mechanical Engg. & Electrical Engg. Later it spread its wings and began two branches named Computer Engg. & Electronics Engg.

  •     Government Polytechnic Khamgaon is a stepping stone in the shine of Vidarbha region. Institute has given numerous engineers to the society since 1963. They are servings to the best of their capacity because of the strong foundation and platform provided by Government Polytechnic Khamgaon. That’s why Institute has always been sought after by students all over Maharashtra. The cream and meritorious students are further trained and polished with required engineering skills and human values, so that society gets skilled engineers and good human beings.

  •      After taking over the charge of such a vibrant campus, it’s an opportunity and challenge for me as an engineer and Principal.
  •     The challenge is very much accepted by starting technical activities like
  •     internships, MOOCS, industrial visits, expert lectures in the field of engineering,soft skills and so on.
  •     New ideas, suggestions, corrections are welcomed so that Government Polytechnic Khamgaon will be on national and international horizon in

  •     the field of engineering.
  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep

  • But I have promises to keep

  • And miles to go before I sleep

  • And miles to go before I sleep

  •       - Robert Frost

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